Getting started with ChurchPost

Getting started with ChurchPost

There are five basic steps to creating and sending messages using ChurchPost: 

  1. Point your browser to, login and click CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN.
  2. Enter a name for your message, click next and choose a list (or lists).
  3. Select a template (or build from scratch) and verify the FROM name, email and message subject.
  4. Create your message content, click next and verify your campaign details.
  5. Click SEND NOW 

Some important tips & tricks:

  1. Once you have started to create a new message (campaign), you will see a menu at the top that includes Previous/Next options, and various steps (Type, List, Design, etc.) You may click on any of these options to move within the creation process.
  2. When selecting multiple lists, your total contact list will automatically de-dupe. That means that even if a contact is in more than one list, they will only receive one copy of your message.
  3. The BUILD FROM SCRATCH option (the first one that appears when creating a new message) is a quick and easy way to get your message out using one of our standard layouts. You may also use the sample template I created for our presentation. To create your own template:
    1. Click on the CAMPAIGNS tab (from Dashboard)
    2. Near the top click on MANAGE TEMPLATES
    3. Click the green NEW TEMPLATE button (top right)
    4. Select your layout and choose a name
    5. Whatever you create & save here will be available to you as a template for future mailings.
  4. For detailed analytics, including open rates, forwards, unsubscribes, social networking, etc. click the REPORTS tab, then on the name of the campaign.

The quickest way to reach us is by sending an email to

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